Instagram is undoubtedly the most favored social media platform of our generation. Whether you use it for interactions and posting your content or simply to follow your favorite people, the platform offers plenty of features to make your Instagram experience better and more fun. However, there are still inevitable incidents that follow along.

If you have been using Instagram for a while now, we bet you have come across the infamous “Couldn’t Refresh Feed” notice. This sudden error message may cause feelings of unhappiness and concern. However, below you’ll find details on every simple step you’ll need to take to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem.

Let’s start with the most asked question of Instagram users:

Why Do I receive Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error Message?

Instagram crashes or shuts down occasionally due to bugs. Unfortunately, that isn’t a problem you can fix. Nevertheless, Instagram servers may not always be to blame for the inability to refresh your Instagram feed and catch up with the latest Instagram posts.

The most common reason occurs due to internet connection, whether you use Wi-Fi or mobile data. It might be slow or inconsistent, which often emerges in shared wireless connections.

Another reason might be the outdated version of the Instagram app or an error in Instagram’s cache files. Even the problem in your phone settings might affect Instagram performance. So, here is how you can fix them.

How to Fix Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Error?

Depending on the reason behind the error message, there are different methods you can follow to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem.

  1. Check If your Internet Connection Is Working Properly or Not.

The first to do when you can’t refresh your Instagram feed is to check your internet connection.

Whether you use Wi-Fi or mobile data, if your device is not connected, you will have trouble refreshing your Instagram feed. If you’re connected, switch off and on the connection.

It’s also possible that the internet connection is slow. You can control it by opening a page in the browser and checking the loading speed. If the internet connection is slow, make a change between Wi-Fi and cellular data to compare which one is better.

Couldn't refresh feed notification Instagram picture

  1. Control Your Mobile Data Limitation

If you use a mobile internet connection and face an error message around the same time every month, the problem might be with your mobile data limit. You can fix it by increasing monthly data usage to avoid Instagram feed errors.

  1. Use the Restart Option on Your Phone

Sometimes, the problem might be not on the app or the internet but your mobile phone. In such cases, you can restart your phone:

  • By pressing the power button if you use an Android phone,
  • By holding the side button and volume button until the slider appears on iPhone. Later, drag the slider to turn off the phone and repeat the first action to turn on the phone again.

After you restart your phone, log in to the Instagram app again.

  1. Control your Phone’s Date and Timing

As Instagram’s backend needs to be in sync with the real date and time, if your phone settings don’t match the date and time, the app might encounter conflicting values while refreshing the feed.

So, if your phone settings are set manually, switch them to automatic to avoid further problems with the Instagram app.

  1. Log Out and Log in to Instagram App

If you had been logged in to Instagram for a long time, you can try to log out and log in to the app again.

How to log out of your Instagram account?

To log out of Instagram:

  • Open Instagram feed,
  • Tap on your profile picture at the right bottom to go to your Instagram profile,
  • Tap on the hamburger icon at the right corner and select Settings,
  • Tap on log out.

How to LOG IN to your Instagram account?

To log in to your Instagram account:

  • Open the Instagram app,
  • Enter your information to log in.

Refresh the feed without facing the Instagram error.

Couldn't refresh feed notification on Instagram

  1. Clear Instagram Cache Files

Another way to fix the refresh feed error is to clear the cache of the Instagram app.

Why do I need to clear THE cache of the Instagram app?

The main purpose of the cache, temporary files, is to reduce the amount of data used when running your device and provide faster app operation. However, too much cache from all the saved files might make your device slow down. So, you need to clear the cache occasionally to avoid slow device or app performance.

How to clear YOUR cache on Instagram?

You can follow these steps both on Android and iPhone devices:

  • Open the Instagram home page and click on your profile picture to navigate to your profile,
  • Tap on Settings and select Security,
  • Tap on Search History on Android or Clear Search History on iPhone,
  • Select Clear All to clear the cache.
  1. Clear the Cache of Instagram on Your Device

You can also clear cache files without logging into your account on Instagram.

A phone in the pocket showing Instagram username and password page

For Android users:

  • Go to Apps Settings on your Android device,
  • Among the downloaded apps find Instagram,
  • Select Storage and tap on the Clear Cache button.

For iPhone users:

The only way to clear the cache on iPhone is to delete and reinstall the Instagram app from the play store, similar to other apps.

  1. Update Instagram

If you can’t refresh your feed, maybe your Instagram app isn’t up to date.

Instagram update icon on the phone

Check the available updates

You can check from the play store or app store to see if Instagram has the latest version available.

Delete and re-install Instagram app

You can also delete and reinstall Instagram to remove the Instagram cache and install the updated version of the app.

  1. Contact Instagram Support

If your app still doesn’t work properly and you can’t refresh the feed, you can contact Instagram’s support team to fix the issue.

How to contact Instagram support?

  • Go to the Instagram app and tap on your profile icon,
  • From Settings, select Help Center,
  • From the page select an issue or topic to fix the Instagram problem.

Wrap-Up: How to Refresh Your Instagram Feed!

Instagram is among the top most downloaded apps and for a good reason.

It’s a perfect platform to catch up with everyone you follow and interact with their latest photos but not quite possible when you face an Instagram error when you refresh your feed.

Follow the above methods to fix your Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem!